Dr Chris McEvedy is a London Harley Street Psychiatrist offering specialist face to face and online assessment and treatment for psychological difficulties and disorders.


Dr McEvedy has wide experience as an expert medical/psychiatric witness. As an expert in proceedings, he is impartial in the opinion provided, whether on the basis of a single or joint instruction.


He is often asked to provide an opinion in cases within the family, civil and criminal courts, as well is to employment tribunals.


His opinion is based on a thorough reading of the material, along with an assessment of the individual.


Medicolegal Terms & Conditions:

Dr McEvedy is an experienced psychiatric expert witness. Whether instructed by one party, or as a jointly instructed expert, he provides an impartial opinion within his field of expertise, based on a thorough reading of the material and assessment of the individual.


Professional fees 

£400 per hour 


Court attendance is on the basis of a half-day charged at £400 per hour.


Estimated fees: 

Will be provided on the supply of information concerning the case, the relevant material and the scope of work to be carried out.


Chargeable services:

  • Reading of case material

  • Assessment of client

  • Liaison with others, including involved healthcare professionals, as appropriate

  • Report writing

  • Supplementary report writing 

  • Email writing

  • Telephone / Skype / video link consultations / meetings with lawyers or other witnesses 

  • Travel time

  • Court appearance


Pathology tests: 

The costs of tests such as blood/ hair analysis will be settled by those instructing with the relevant laboratory. 



Dr McEvedy will usually carry out an assessment within 2 to 3 weeks of instruction and the supply of written material.


Court appearance:

As an experienced expert medical witness, Dr McEvedy has given evidence in the High Court, family courts, criminal courts (Magistrates and Crown), and to employment tribunals.


Attendance should be requested and arranged at least a month in advance of the hearing date.



Should court attendance be booked, cancellation with at least a week's notice will incur no fee; but cancellation within a week of the hearing date will incur the full fee for a half day attendance.