remote practice

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become the preferred technology partner for many businesses and remote workers. Doctors and medical professionals require the highest levels of confidentiality, you can read Zoom's security guide here.


Dr McEvedy treats both insured and self-funding patients and is registered with all major UK insurers.  Patients covered by insurance should provide a pre-authorisation number before their appointment, which can be emailed to:


Self-funding patients should pay for their appointments in advance.  Please contact my PA, Mary-Louise Montgomery to arrange this.


remote sessions

This is an online Zoom session
“I recently experienced a bad psychological episode due to some episodes going on in my personal life. I was seriously overwhelmed. After a very low night, I saw Dr McEvedy the following morning. I immediately felt calm in his presence and felt he wholeheartedly listened, considered and responded well to me in my, in all honesty, pretty ill state I was in at that moment in time. Through his empathy, rationality, and expertise on thought processes, he was able to give me a pretty solid direction in which to go in. I have now seen him on three separate occasions and am thoroughly pleased that I saw him and continued my meeting with him up to this point. I am in a hugely better mental state right now, and may very well see him in again later on in the year to have a check-in and review a few things. Thanks again Dr McEvedy”

December 2019